Becoming a sponsor means offering a chance to a young player by joining the FC Metz international Football Academy program

For what, for whom and how ?

Today we have the will to make MIFA a structure open to all, without social distinction, thanks to the MIFA My Chance project. Each year 3 to 4 players will be able to join the academy thanks to donations collected through the “Moselle Sport Academy” endowment fund. The purpose of the Moselle Sport Académie system is to strengthen the department’s support for high-level Mosellan sport. The selection of these players will be based on academic record, potential for sports development and personal motivations. The training is aimed at players aged 15 to 18.

How to help us in this project?

You can sponsor a player by becoming a MIFA My Chance patron and thanks to the Moselle Sport Académie Endowment Fund.



Signature of an agreement pre-established by the Moselle Sport Académie:
The purpose of the agreement is to define the terms of the assistance freely granted by the company. The agreement takes effect from its signature and for a period of one year. The Moselle Sport Académie Endowment Fund undertakes to associate the name of the company with the operations carried out, via the various communication media (regional press, magazine, dedicated website, RS, brochures, etc.)

What advantages?

Sponsorship brings many benefits

  • Contribution to the general
  • interest Differentiation
  • Image valuation Tax advantage

Donations made by individuals or companies for the benefit of endowment funds are eligible for the patronage tax regime. Companies benefit from the tax reduction of 60% of the amount of payments (taken within the limit of 5% of their turnover) for the benefit of Endowment Funds. Individuals benefit from the income tax reduction (income tax reduction equal to 66% for donations and payments made within the limit of 20% of taxable income).