To improve and live an experience in a professional football environment. Combine the development of young footballers, relaxation and life experience

Duration: Weekly stays
Location: Metz
Periods: School holidays: summer (July) – All Saints (end of October) – Spring (April)
Age category: Players aged 10 to 16
Registration and information:
Training program supervised by experienced technicians.
During our courses, we offer the discovery of other activities: Tennis, Golf, Rifle shooting, Climbing, Mountain biking, Archery, Trampoline


U10 à U13
April 12 to 17 Boys and girls


U10 to U13
July 5 to 10 / July 12 to 17 / July 19 to 24 Boys and girls
U11 to U14
July 12 to 17 Specific female football
U14 to U15
July 5-10 Specific Pre-training (boys)
U13 to U16
August 17-21 Specific start of the season (boys)